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Four Easy Steps to Root Your SAMSUNG Sm J320az

How To Root SAMSUNG Sm J320az In Minutes


Download One Click Root

Download and install One Click Root
onto your PC or Mac


Connect Your Device

Connect your Android to your computer
using a standard USB cable


Enable USB Debugging

Open ‘Developer Options’
and enable USB debugging


Run One Click Root

Run One Click Root and let the software
complete all remaining steps


Unleash the Beast from your Samsung Galaxy Amp Prime SM-J320AZ’ Inner Core

Samsung was able to keep up with small-business mobile makers in the market with its competitive range of budget smartphones. Samsung’s last year’ Galaxy Amp Prime SM-J320AZ was a good hit in the market though with its notable points in its favor.

The Samsung Galaxy Amp Prime is a good choice to start with for the first-time smartphone seekers or users. They might consider this because it has a decent design though not really outstanding. It’s also at a good palm sized and feature packed. The Samsung Galaxy Amp Prime SM-J320AZ is specifically sold in USA.

Specs wise, the handset is 4G LTE enabled, it’s also sports a 5-inch super AMOLED display, features a 5 MP main camera, and runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS. Some features include an Ultra Power Savings Mode to extend the standby time, Easy Mode for beginners and elderly, as well as support for one-handed operation. Moreover, the device is compact and classy design and it comes with a 4.8 inches tall by 2.5 inches wide by 0.43 inch thick. The entry-level handset is a good Android phone with 1.3 Ghz Quad-Core processor provides good performance and great system execution of the Samsung Galaxy Amp Prime SM-J320AZ.

Also comes with one SIM card slot, the Samsung Galaxy Amp Prime SM-J320AZ allows download up to 150 Mbps for internet browsing, but it also depends on the carrier. Packed with good connectivity of this device includes Bluetooth 4.1 version with A2DP, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, but it lacks NFC connection. Including the battery, the Samsung Galaxy Amp Prime SM-J320AZ phone has 138 grams and it\\'s a very thin device, only 7.9 mm which is quite light and handy.

The Galaxy Amp Prime has a few notable points as mentioned, like its strong call quality, powered by Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and a smooth, compact frame. However, exceptionally it has cramped storage space which forces a microSD card which you should buy for an extended storage capacity, so investment is on you, it has more-limited software than Samsung’s other top phones, and it basically lacks 4G LTE support.

There are updated OS versions nowadays even for entry-level devices, so the Amp’s OS could be updated as well as the battery and its memory and that is through rooting. Rooting generally improves almost everything about your android. If you want to unleash its greatness, then opt to rooting your device.


Using One Click Root to Root Your Galaxy Amp Prime SM-J320AZ

Unleash your device’s full potential through rooting- the best solution so far. One Click Root is a single-step rooting solution that unlocks the hidden potential and brings your device to a higher level in just few clicks.

Here is the 4-step rooting method to root your Galaxy Amp Prime SM-J320AZ:

Step 1) Download One Click Root and install it on your PC, Mac, or Linux computer
Step 2) Pick up your Galaxy Amp Prime SM-J320AZ and enable USB debugging from the settings menu
Step 3) Connect your Galaxy Amp Prime SM-J320AZ to your computer via your USB cable
Step 4) Run the One Click Root software and wait for the rooting process to be completed

Rooting has never been this easy, fast, and reliable with One Click Root. You get to unlock the best of its potentials in just few clicks. It’s service oriented with professional technicians that assist you all throughout the process and helps you get rooted the right way.


What to do after rooting your Samsung Galaxy Amp Prime SM-J320AZ

After rooting, you can install apps like Juice Defender or Greenify that let you easily fix your battery life problems even if you’re an idiot with technology. You can also remove Samsung’s TouchWiz UI completely from your device and install pure Android or a custom ROM like CyanogenMod. It’s for all of these reasons and more that users love to root their Samsung Galaxy Amp Prime SM-J320AZ.


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