Next CyanogenMod Update Includes Voice-Activated, Time-Delayed Photos

Next CyanogenMod Update Includes Voice-Activated, Time-Delayed Photos

Many agree that CyanogenMod is the best custom ROM available to rooted Android users. And with every update, CyanogenMod continues to get better and better.

The team behind CyanogenMod recently revealed that the next update would focus specifically on upgrading the camera functionality – which has, for a long time, been the only complaint about the popular custom ROM.

The new update would allow CyanogenMod users to enable voice-activated picture taking as well as time-delayed photos.

With voice activation, the user simply enables the mode and then shoots a command. Currently, default voice activation commands include Cid, Whiskey, and, of course, ‘Cheese’.

Check out voice activated pictures in action in this video:

As you can see in that video, the voice activation mode is accessed via the standard CyanogenMod wheel. Just tape the middle of the screen while using the camera app to reveal a pinwheel of different commands.

Meanwhile, the time delay can be set to anywhere from 10 seconds to a full minute. How far away from your camera can you run in one minute? You’ll just have to download the next version of CyanogenMod to find out.

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