How to Install ADB on Windows in Less Than 15 Seconds

How to Install ADB on Windows in Less Than 15 Seconds

If you’re serious about rooting your Android device, then you’re going to have to get used to the Android Debug Bridge (ADB), which is Android’s most widely-used debugging tool.

ADB lets users push a file to the /system directory, which is an essential part of rooting. However, installing ADB on Windows isn’t always easy…until now.

Usually, you have to download a 100MB file (ADT Bundle + SDK Tools) to install ADB on your Windows PC. Thanks to a clever workaround from an XDA Developers Forum member, your ADB adventure just became much easier.

XDA Developers Forum member snoop5 created a simple tool to install ADB on a Windows PC in just under 15 seconds.

How to Install ADB on Windows

Here’s what this handy tool does:

-Installs ADB

-Installs Fastboot

-Installs all required Android device drivers

-Does it in under 15 seconds

-Only 9MB download size

-Works on both 32 bit and 64 bit systems (no separate download required; the tool automatically identifies your system)

The tool walks you through the entire process, so it doesn’t get much easier than this. It’s currently available for a free download here:

Do you have a faster way to install ADB on Windows? Probably not.

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