Sanity – To Keep You From Going Insane

Sanity – To Keep You From Going Insane

It is all about the smart phone today. You might or might not have food to eat but you definitely have a smart phone, and why should you not? A smartphone is increasingly becoming the solution to every problem. The survival skills classes have been modified in schools and camps to incorporate a smart phone in the list of essential things, including water and food. And the stronger internet connection you have, the better.

Internet is the fuel that enhances the smartness of a smart phone, without which it is not that smart. This is because apps make a smart phone smart. And most of the apps that connect us to the world run on the internet. This keeps us well connected all the time.


However, connection with the world sometimes tends to become stronger that we would want it to be. This is because of the mighty web crawlers. Through the internet, these web crawlers keep such a strong tab on our online activity to understand our general behaviour and our preferences, mostly to annoy us with silly marketing calls that the internet becomes quite a nuisance for us. But like everything, the internet comes with its own set of good and bad.

Fortunately, like poison, the internet is its own cure. So, to combat this particular problem what we need is sanity which can be achieved by an app called Sanity – to keep you from going insane.


Sanity makes your phone calls better, easier and healthy. It is your personal assistant to:sanity-2

– audio record your phone calls in mpeg4, 3gpp or amr format (also automatically)

– announce caller and SMS: speak the caller’s name when receiving a call or a message using the synthesised voice (text to speech)

– block unwanted calls and SMS: automatically refuse incoming calls and SMS filtering out the phone number (include or exclude anonymous and/or unknown numbers, favourites, contacts and groups; enable the block by choosing date and time); advanced: choose between different block methods to confuse the caller!

– auto answer: automatically answer the call when phone is ringing by choosing phone numbers, date and time and if respond only when using headphones.

– urgent calls: choose what phone numbers your phone will ring or vibrate also when it’s in silent mode

– automatic speakerphone: automatically turn on/off the handsfree when the phone is far/close to your ear

– outgoing anonymous calls: make private calls by hiding your caller ID (also automatically by filtering the phone numbers to call)

– reduce electromagnetic waves: automatically turn on/off wifi, bluetooth, GPS and mobile data (2G/3G) when you speak at your phone

– choose different volume levels during calls: one for normal calling, loud handsfree, wired headsets volume and bluetooth headsets volume

– automatic bluetooth headsets: automatically enable bluetooth for a limited time when the call starts

– timeouts for restoring silent mode and airplane mode: just enable the silent/airplane mode (in any way) and Sanity will ask you how much time to stay in that mode

– vibrate the phone when the call begins and when the call ends.

– fast SMS: displays the received SMS allowing you to respond immediately.

Sanity uses proximity sensor for turning on/off automatically the antennas and the handsfree when the phone is close to your ear. In this way, Sanity can make your calls healthier by lowering the electromagnetic fields. It can be also useful while you’re driving car: through automatic handsfree, the headsets are no longer needed.

Most of Sanity features are configurable through the most advanced phone number filter: choose whether to activate a function for all numbers or for anonymous numbers, unknown numbers, contacts (all or some), favorite contacts, contact groups and also filter by prefix number. Sanity is light, small and very fast. Sanity is a free software, open source, released under GNU Public License version 3.

Thus, you might be fed up of random calls when you are at work in an important meeting, at home relaxing or in the loo. Sanity will prove to be the solution to an ‘unnecessary calls free’ living.

3 thoughts on “Sanity – To Keep You From Going Insane

  1. omsh Interestingly enough, that’s exactly how I started.  Several years ago (using Panther6834, which I still use in other forums/blogs), while an avid reader of Engadget’s blogs (back when Engadget was actually good), yet not having replied to any comments for, essentially, the same reason, there came a reply to a certain blog that was not only completely idiotic, but the person, quite obviously, didn’t have a clue what he (or maybe it was “she”…I forget) was talking about.  The person was in total support of what the “author” had written, who was also clueless, that I felt the urge…nay, the NEED…to correct them both.  I no longer remember what t was, but having a dad who was a programmer/analyst for an IBM subsidiary for over 25 years (at that point in time) gave me more than enough knowledge to know what I was talking about.  It’s nice to have another soul on here who understands the need to correct (not “putting down”, but providing “constructive criticism”) those without understanding.  As officer John McClane would say, “Welcome to the party, pal.”

  2. Thank you PantherZ6834… I actually didn’t have a Livefyre account but I signed up and signed on to thank you for your post and to add to what you had to offer.
    Usually, I am of the type who frowns upon those complaining about FREE apps or posting bad review of FREE apps, however, in cases such as this one, I am the one complaining. This is appauling, for a number of reasons. For one, and when looking up the app on the Google Play Store, Christiano Tagliamonte (the developer) spends an inordinate amount of time discussing and describing features of his app, and not once, does he indicate that ANY of the features he is boasting about are PAID features; not once does he mention that most features can only be utilized AFTER making a “donation”. As for the very few features that are available for “free” (if you read the reviews), you’ll find that more often than not, they simply do not work as described!
    So although this app isn’t worth the time invested in intalling it, unless you plan on making a “donation”, Tagliamonte specifically describes it as “free”. Which is underhanded and misleading! To add to that, his claim of responding to inquiries quickly goes unsubstantiated simply because he has not responded to any of the negative reviews.
    As for the description in the blog you may have read above, and instead of David Wise looking out for the best interest of his readers, by warning them AGAINST wasting their time with this app, he further builds upon the bull$#!+ purported by the developer, by restating the same misleading descriptions of the features the app offers, then flat out stating it is “free” when in reality, very few features can be had without a “donation”!
    Again, don’t take my word for it… go to the Google Play Store and read the reviews. If you do, you will also read about how some people were unable to uninstall the app after finding out how worthless it is!
    Lastly, and just as an FYI, I went ahead and flagged the app and submitted an objection (with a brief description of the issue) on the Google Play Store.
    Good luck to Christiano Tagliamonte selling his not-so-free app, and to David Wise maintaining a following of readers after both proved how clearly devious and shady they both are!

  3. Word to the wise (and Wise, no pun intended), before anyone installs this app, READ THE REVIEWS. When you read them, you’ll discover that the app can NOT do 90% of what this blog CLAIMS it can do. What David Wise fails to mention is that all but a couple features are disabled in the free version, unless you donate (ie. buy) to the developer. Within the app, the developer virtually demands that you donate. Once you’ve “donated”, you discover that the majority of those previously locked features still don’t function, as Android KitKat prevents them from working. One of the most important functions, & the very reason most people would get this app – the ability to record phone conversations – is blocked. Again, read the reviews BEFORE you install, as the app has also caused problems with some people’s phones, that, the only way that were able to fix the problem was by uninstalling the app…and then there are others who discovered that the app refused to allow itself to be uninstalled (they had to do a hard reset).

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