2 Unique Android Twitter Clients to Spice Up Your Tweeting Experience

2 Unique Android Twitter Clients to Spice Up Your Tweeting Experience

Twitter Trends Widget

So we’re all aware of how the world of social media works by now and are pretty averse with Biz Stone’s monumental social media creation known as Twitter. There’s an eager social bee buzzing inside each of us, which is why everyone likes to micro blog and share with the world how we’re feeling sometime or the other to our circle of friends! Here’s the perfect Android Twitter widget that will help you to do exactly that just through accessing your home screen where the widgets of these two apps will primarily be located. Say hello to the Twitter Trends Widget app!twitter trends

Here’s a widget that gives you all you need to know of what all is trending in the world of Twitter. This includes all the hashtags and keywords that the world is seeing and that is trending in places all over the world. The widget is available on your screen right in the centre.

Now these trends can be changed and amended and can display trends from all the specific places that you would like to see.

This could be the top trends from Germany, New York, Japan and Mumbai etc. The app can also show you trends country wise and city wise. This is extended to worldwide trends as well.

The Twitter Trends app screen will show is descending order of the trends the top most of which is trending at no.1 position. These are available in steers of ten hashtags of keywords that are trending.

You can also see multiple tables that are displaying trends from different places in the world all on the same screen. This works well even when you are using a tablet.

You can also check for the background opacity and under the appearance tab. Here the background as the wallpaper in your screen will appear to be visible as the transparency on the widget can be easily displayed.

After accessing the options, you can check the region or the country whose trends you would like to be displayed. The list is enormous. There also exists a separate section to select the city as well so you can filter in all the more.

There exist over 250 locations in total on the Twitter Trends app all of which cover all the key areas of the world so that you’ll never miss out on anything’s and catch in on all the action that there is to the app and the world of Twitter in general.

The Twitter Trends app can be accessed directly from the lock screen and can be accessed through the main home screen too.

The Twitter Trends app is still in the recent stages of its way up there to the store and though it provides one of the most imperative features of Twitter, that’s essentially all it does. In the bargain for those of you’ll who would simply like a sneak peak into what’s happening in different parts of the world, this app will do the trick.

The Twitter Trends has secured an above average rating of 4.2 on the Google Play Store, and the overall sentiment of on the app is exceptionally high with a healthy mix of user and critic reviews. Give this unique Twitter widget a shot and get ready for the smoothest, one-touch Twitter experience on your Android device.


The Android world is saturated with Twitter clients and all of them have something or the other in common which makes each app distinct from the other. Janetter happens to be a similar such app that has everything you need for a typical Twitter account, but with an innovative extension of its core functionality for your Android device.

janetter 1When the Android platform has so many Twitter clients hording Google Play Store, it becomes more and more difficult to decide which one truly is the best. In most cases, other than a few small features here and there, isn’t really much to differentiate from. Janetter promises to rise above this mundane design and deliver a high-functioning Twitter client that you will be proud to own.

Janetter sports a sleek and well-crafted interface that is conjured in a typical green and black color theme.

What you have is a list format of all your tweets on a blank white screen. Here you can have access to all that Twitter has to provide be it, you friends @mentions, lists that you have subscribed to, Bookmarks that you have added to the Janetter app which you can then later on see specifically so that you can differentiate between multiple topics

The background from white can also be changed to black and all the features including a reply, a share, an RT, a favourite us available on each respective tweet.

Janetter also allows you to check how long ago the tweet was posted to your Twitter feed as is on the main portal. These also include images that have been added by tweeters where you don’t have to click on it to be taken to a different page. It is all available on the feed itself.

One of the many smart features packed in the Janetter app is the way profiles are presented for each user. Once you click on it, you see the specifics in a descriptive list and ahead of this the number of tweets, followers and following, favourites and lists.

The interface of the Janetter app is pretty damn user-friendly too apart from being really attractive to navigate through.

The Janetter app has a multi-account functionality where you can add up to 3 accounts for free and up to 7 accounts on the paid version. You also don’t need to shift between accounts as there is a multi-account functionality to view tweets.

In order to reply to a particular tweet, all you have to do is tap the tweet and there you have it.janetter 2

The Janetter app also has this keen functionality of hiding tweets with particular keywords, from particular users or from particular apps using ‘Mute’. This can be used to save and secure a few tweets from a few different people you are uncomfortable sharing your personal details with.

Again, the above can be viewed as a differentiator in order to select the best client for Twitter.

The interface and the design is pretty tight as are all Twitter clients as all of these are pretty much in competition with one another to be the best. With smaller and minute kinds of changes and addition, each app can be called as it is.

Janetter is quite a favorite on the Android space among its small community of users even though it yet has to make an aggressive head start into the market.

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