2 Android Apps to Ensure Your Water Intake Stays Healthy

2 Android Apps to Ensure Your Water Intake Stays Healthy


If you look closely and carefully what you will see is that the Android platform is a very health advocating platform that to a large extent is a haven for developers to create apps in the health space and these don’t even necessarily have to be in the direct health space like carried trainers and calorie counters. Many of these can even come in the form of saviours and daily doers in order to safeguard you and your health from outdoor unknown locations.

carbodroid 1Carbodroid that takes its name from Android is a droid that tells you everyday how much water you had and how much more you should be having in order to complete your daily intake as prescribed by medics world over.

Now it is pretty well-established the importance of drinking water and if there’s an app that reminds you to do so, then why not make full use of it.

Carbodroid is a highly useful health app constructed to keep your daily H20 intake in check. It is pretty simple and easy to navigate app with a clean interface, and you will be glad to see that Carbodroid isn’t one of those pesky apps that keep bombarding your device screen with add-on notifications.

With a well-implemented user-friendly interface set in black and blue, it will show you a droid at the back and bottles at the front. These bottles are of different volumes and as and when you drink more and more water progressively throughout the day what you get is a cleaner system.

Now in order to ensure that you believe that your body is happy due to your water intake, the more the water you drink, the happier you make the Droid.

With that being said, you can see that as you drink more and more water and tell the app so, the face of the droid becomes happier to thank you for doing a good job taking care of your health.

The strategy here is to show you that your body is happy through the water intake.

At the top, you have 4 buttons all of which are easily accessed through the home screen.

You can see the schedule of the water that you have taken in all throughout the day or week through a graph to track your short-term and long-term water intake statistics. This graph is a bar chart with a benchmark green line at the top signifying your daily goal. It will show you the increase or decrease in the consumption.

You can also see this on the basis of what day you are on and when you took in the most amount of water. With nothing else factored in, these are all the parameters you can see.

You can also see a daily set of glasses that you took in with the time against it to the left and the intake in litres of how much you took in.

carbodroid 2

The USP of the Carbodroid Android app is its cool minimalism, and this is the main driving point as to why the app has struck a chord with the users on the Android platform.

The newer versions of the Carbodroid app have delivered the bug fixes as requested by the users, and additionally, the size of the app makes for even better usage as it barely takes a toll on your phone memory due to it being merely 983 kb in size.

Hydro – Drink Water

hydro 1Water! H2o more than 70% of the universe and here you have it making its way through the Android space. Evidently the app doesn’t teach you how to drink water because it assume that you already know how to. But what it does know is the fact that you don’t drink water enough for your body. How does the app know this? Research suggests that majority of the smart phone using population have an intake of at least 50% lesser than the intake that is actually needed by them.

Well, leave it to the ingenious Android app known as Hydro – Drinking Water to manage your daily water needs without fail. It’s the ideal app for all those busy bees who are too embroiled in their work life to be proactively involved in maintaining their health.

The best part about the Hydro app is that it is highly customizable and has a plan set specifically for you in order to ensure you get the optimum intake of water. Its efficient and well-implemented interface is cool blue in color to signify the hydro element in the app.

On entering the app, Hydro allows you set a plan for yourself that is catering only to your needs of water. The hydro calculator is extremely advanced and accounts for the minute most details in your daily day.

On entering the calculator, the Hydro app will ask you for the following personal details:

  • Weight
  • Gender
  • Lifestyle – whether hectic, active, stressed, relaxed, stress free etc.
  • Weather – Hot/Cold day, Rainy, humid etc.
  • Fluid intake from food.
  • Exercise for the day

After adding in the details, you’ll see a bar down that adds up the total from the top and gives in a perfect liter wise consumption intake for hydro 2you.

Ahead of this, it also shows you the calculator down that led the Hydro app to the figure in litres for your intake.

You can then see the daily consumption as per the respective date.

You have to add in of course the daily intake of water that you took and this will keep adding up in the bar at the top that shows how much you drank. This will also show the completeness of the water drinking task for the day.

A simple pull out screen to the left will allow you to access the settings, the schedule, the stats, the notifications, etc.


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