Refund Policy

In a situation where a Root/Jailbreak cannot be calculated or found for your mobile device, a refund will be issued 100%.

In 99% of the times a Root will be found, and we will Root your device successfully and safely. In a rare instance that the Root doesn’t work, and we insist the Root is correct, video proof will be reviewed of your session before a refund is processed.

*For the refund, you MUST contact us first, as different devices have different proof requirements. If these requirements are not met, our suppliers may refuse the refund.

No Refunds Will Be Given If:

  • Any information about the order provided is incorrect.
    • Examples are as following and are Not limited to:
      • model number,
      • phones number,
      • email address, and/or
      • other relevant device information requested.
  • The phone is hard bricked, meaning an incorrect root was previously used in an attempt to unlock the phone. This can permanently diminish the number of tries left to input the correct root. If you are not sure of your phone’s root compatibility, please contact one of our agents first.
  • The rooting service was obtained elsewhere.
  • Completion of the root session exceeded our agent’s stated average turnaround time. In most instances, we are very accurate or even faster with turnaround times. However, there may be contingencies which causes a delay.
  • Your device was successfully rooted, but the custom ROM or third-party application you wish to use the phone is not compatible. It is the buyers’ responsibility to make sure the device you want to root will be consistent with the Custom Rom or third-party application you are trying use.
  • The phone was already rooted before placing their order, or if this phone was previously hard bricked (0 attempts left to input the root) before placing an order.

*If you have an error with the root or are unsure about rooting your device please contact us immediately for support as our primary goal is that you are satisfied with our service.

Please allow up to 7 days for the refund to show up on your account.

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