iOS 7 Beta Now Available with UDID Registration

iOS 7 Beta Now Available with UDID Registration

We have a feeling the next phone will come out late which means iOS 7 will also be late as well but we have also heard iOS 7 Beta is now available. The same thing had happened in previous years, with Apple pushing up their time and delaying users. Of course, working out kinks and bugs is very important. They try to do as much as possible before allowing developers to start the UDID Registration and begin Beta testing.

iOS 7 Beta Now Available with UDID Registration

If you aren’t a developer to test out Beta, then you are out of luck. Apple will grant access to iOS 7 for developers only. This may change in the future but don’t be too excited about it as this won’t happen anytime soon. For now, Beta is available with the UDID registration so you’ll need to sign up first.

Any developer who currently has their own Apple account will be able to download iOS 7 to give it a try. This can be done using a device such as an iPhone, iPod or even an iPad. It’s been a long time since the release of 6.1.3 and many users have been waiting for a long time for iOS 7 to come out. Finally, it’s just around the corner. For now, all we have is Beta testing which is available for all of the public. The Cupertino-based company had announced this and now with Beta, we can finally see what’s going on with the new iOS 7.

It’s not only important because of new design or features. It is also important for the jailbreak society as well. In fact, thousands of users are counting on the iOS 7 update. Some are stuck with lifelong errors that not even Apple can fix, until their update. Imagine how many complaints come rolling in every single month about the operating system. They add each one to their list but the priority list really depends on how many bugs or errors are occurring each month. For example, if a user is having trouble with a screen issue or freeze when doing a certain task, there may be others having the same problem. If this is complained about at least a hundred times or more, it goes up on the list. The other error on the list may have only 70 complaints so it will be below it. Trust us when we say Apple has everything organized.

They know everything that their users are experiencing on a prioritized level. It is important to know that you must be patient before a new update comes out. Hopefully, the iOS 7 update will be nothing like iOS 6. When iOS 6 first came out, Apple was attacked by the public because of so many errors. Some of the people even felt cheated because there were so many errors. That’s what prompted them to do another upgrade later on. Sometimes they will need to do emergency upgrades although this is rare.

In order to enjoy iOS 7 Beta, you will need to log into your account at Apple. Go to iTunes and you can get everything set up. Only developers can test this new operating system out. Also, you can wait if you prefer. Apple might be releasing some crucial details regarding the iOS 7 system when it comes out so if you want more information first, it is always a good idea to wait. We’ve heard that some users cannot go back on an upgrade. Once they hit iOS 7, there is no way to go back to iOS 6 so make sure you are ready.

Once you have upgraded, take notes on what works and what is bugged. You can always update Apple with what’s going on. They rely on user complains to upgrade or fix errors. This is what prompts them to do emergency upgrades before the official iOS 7 comes out to the public. It’s extremely important that every developer does this and this way Apple will see the urgency of the issues. Of course, Apple has done extensive testing since they first started iOS 7 back in 2012 but in reality, it usually takes two years for a company to perfect an operating system. This is why we have something called “Beta testing” available. People don’t want to wait two years and they would rather test the system instead of being stuck with the old iOS 6 or iOS 6.1.3

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