How to Fix Sudden Death Problem on Galaxy S3

How to Fix Sudden Death Problem on Galaxy S3

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the world’s most popular smartphone. But like anything in life, the Galaxy S3 isn’t perfect. Over the past few weeks, many GS3 users have been complaining about a ‘sudden death’ problem.

The sudden death problem is as best as it sounds: you’re using the GS3 when suddenly, it turns off and doesn’t turn on ever again. That’s right: your GS3 can literally die in your arms. And no matter how long users waited, their GS3 never turned on again.

This isn’t a small problem. If we’re judging by a recent XDA thread about the incidence, it has affected hundreds of GS3 users around the world.

If your GS3 recently died, turned into a brick, and refused to boot, then Samsung is working on an official fix for the problem. The problem is related to the eMMC firmware, which means that it can be fixed by simply installing new device drivers. But installing new firmware is beyond the skillset of most Android users, so here’s an easier solution:

Step 1) Contact Samsung Service Center here or find a Service Center near you

Step 2) Send in your Samsung Galaxy S3

Step 3) Samsung will replace your GS3’s motherboard and return it

Meanwhile, if your GS3 hasn’t died yet, then all you can do is pray that the Samsung Grim Reaper doesn’t touch you next. If it does, you can wait for the official fix release from Samsung or order a brand new motherboard from the Samsung service center when you send your phone in for repairs.

Have you been affected by this GS3 sudden death problem? How did you fix it? Let us know in the comments!

16 thoughts on “How to Fix Sudden Death Problem on Galaxy S3

  1. Wow, that sounds like a scary problem.  I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and have had it for almost two years now.  Hopefully mine doesn’t break like that.  My warranty is up so would I need to send it into a repair shop?

  2. Hey Andrew, I faced this problem in my device I bought in India (actually won in a Twitter competition). This phone was dead and Samsung asked 12k INR for the fix.. Although it was there software fault, I didn’t did anything wrong while using it..

  3. its known that it partially rewrites the internal bootloader to display that. if it doesnt have a product number its internal memory has failed.

  4. my galaxy s3 "sudden died" after around 200 days.
    I sent it to to a repair center.
    they changed the motherboard but they do not mentioned if the same is going to happen again.
    i do not know even if they replace the motherboard with a new one (without the same bug) or not.
    to bad no one tell us about this problem when we buy the galaxy.

  5. Samsung Service Centre will NOT "just replace and return it " they want to charge for it too! I just got asked for $200 to fix mine, as "Samsung doesn't believe this is covered by warranty and may have occurred due to accident".

  6. Mine died a few days ago, bought it about 7 months ago.
    I left it charging in the morning and found it at midday with the blue led blinking. I had been experiencing some stuttering and occasional freezing while unlocking for about 2 weeks.
    My system status now appears to be Custom, yet Samsung didn't warn me in any way about the need to update or the possibility it could die, even if it sold me with a defective kernel.
    I don't really know if they're going to charge me for repairs/replacement, but I think that for a top gamma mobile they should do it anyway :-/

  7. mine died today…..m tensed becos I already rooted my s3 and was using a custom rom! will it void my warranty? pls reply

    • Yes. Any rooting will always void a manufacturer warranty. Samsung had mentioned that they would replace the devices affected by the "sudden death" issue even if rooted. If you're worried, you can always unroot and restore the device to stock just as if was brand new; no one would know the difference. There are many threads on the XDA forums that explain this. Using Odin seems to be the best way to both root and unroot the S3's.

  8. Thought I had Sudden Death Syndrome this morning and googled around and found this page. Phone was dead – would not start but green light glowed that it was fully charged. I took my battery out for a few minutes, put it back in and phone started up. *phew*

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