Yes It’s True, Google’s Chairman, Eric Schmidt, Uses a BlackBerry

Yes It’s True, Google’s Chairman, Eric Schmidt, Uses a BlackBerry

I risk turning the One Click Root blog into a style website with this post, but here goes nothing: The Guardian recently caught Eric Schmidt on camera using a BlackBerry. And it’s not the first time Google’s world-famous Chairman has been caught playing around on his BlackBerry.

In fact, Schmidt freely admits that he is addicted to his BlackBerry. Which is weird because, as you may know, Google actively develops Android, the world’s most popular mobile operating system.

Nevertheless, in an interview with The Guardian, Schmidt discussed his love for BlackBerry, stating that he “loves the keyboard” and that recent ‘innovations’ like the iPad Mini are “too small.” And yes, that’s basically all Eric Schmidt said about his tablet and smartphone preferences.

However, the comments are significant for a company if for nothing else than their shock factor. We already know that Apple’s Tim Cook uses the iPad and iPhone, and Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer is proud to show off his Windows Phone. So why isn’t Google’s Chairman showing off the latest and greatest Android devices?


Why, Eric Schmidt, why?

Well, the answer likely has something to do with where Google makes its money. Android is a free open source operating system used by hardware manufacturers around the world. Google is primarily an online advertising company.

Apple and Microsoft, meanwhile, make their money from the sales of hardware and software, both of which would likely be damaged if it was revealed that their CEOs were using competitors’ products.

Meanwhile at Google, it just doesn’t matter.

Other shocking Eric Schmidt news this week

This article isn’t totally about irrelevant Eric Schmidt-related gossip: another Android-related tidbit of news was revealed during that Guardian interview. Schmidt stated that, despite rumors, Chrome OS and Android were a long ways away from merging.

In other words, don’t expect to see Android on Chromebooks anytime soon. To read the full interview with Eric Schmidt, click here and visit The Guardian’s website.