Microsoft is taking Android Apps into Account for Windows in Future

Microsoft is taking Android Apps into Account for Windows in Future

We have recently read about Nokia’s decision to release their first phone with Android support by the end of this month. But as it seems, it is only the beginning and more is going to come out of the Microsoft stable in collaboration of Google Android. WIndows-vs-Android-Windows-8-Android-Logo-Brand-2

Market Analysis

Statistical reports of the market trend say that the smartphone shipments have increased lately and PC/Laptop shipments are declining at a rapid pace simultaneously. The practicality and relevance of the smartphone over the conventional desktop or a laptop is revolutionizing the market. Microsoft is aware of the situation and that is why they have been pushing Windows 8 through major manufacturers, to connect the dots between mobile and desktop platforms. According to Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella – “Microsoft, as a company, will now focus mainly on mobile and cloud computing.” It has been observed along the timeline that Microsoft lacks deeply in app when compared to the likes of Android. There are brand loyalists and legitimate Windows lovers but utility gets the major of them and they end up shifting to Android. Given such conditions, Microsoft is not in a position to avoid Android in mobile platforms. Reportedly, Microsoft is preparing to associate Android with Windows for App support. The idea is still in its nascent stage and the outcome is not certain. Speculations are in the air and the following are more than likely to hold true:

  • Microsoft will direct and control the distribution of the final list of apps through Windows app Stores.
  • In all probability, Microsoft might push their in-house apps primarily with Android porting as back up.

Food for Thought

Though the idea seems feasible, certain factors are to be considered by both the companies. Microsoft is an old and strong brand globally and Android’s presence is more like a ‘people’s choice’. A way it can be looked at, is the fact that Android porting can bridge the gap in Windows app library. Gradually, once the number of users goes north, Microsoft can introduce their set of apps and cloud support. There is a huge risk in executing such a market strategy but this seems to be the most rational option available. The Android support will definitely boost the Microsoft popularity but only time will tell, how effective it is. Nokia with Android

Possible Consequences

If we look at the numbers of last quarter of 2013, ABI research reports have revealed that the total sales of Windows phone was 10.9 million worldwide which is extremely low compared to the 221.5 million sales of Android & AOSP. Apple sold 51 million iphones worldwide during the same period. Evidently, Windows phone is not making a remarkable impact on the market. The mobile division of Microsoft is not in shape and a structure is planned in collaboration with Android for the future. If it can fork Android and discuss on the licensing agreements, chances of Microsoft hitting the Jackpot in Mobile industry are definitely high.