rooting-faqADB is the Android Debug Bridge. The Android Debug Bridge is a tool that can send commands to an Android phone from a computer. The ADB tool will connect to the phone and start sending commands from any laptop or desktop system.

rooting-faqAndroid is Google’s open-source mobile operating system. Phone manufacturers like HTC or Samsung often install customized versions of Android on their devices. However, Android can also is in many other electronic devices, including microwaves, vehicle navigation systems, and more.

rooting-faqAOSP stands for the “Android Open Source Project.” Developers might refer to AOSP when talking about customizing the operating system, for example. The Android operating system code can be viewed, edited, and compiled by anyone, which is why it’s called “open source.”

rooting-faqBootloader helps users flash (i.e., install) ROMs into the deepest levels of their Android device, and it can also be used to perform other tasks that run in the background of Android.

rooting-faqCertain types of ROMs are more popular than others. The CyanogenMod series of ROMs is one of the most popular kinds of ROMs available to rooted Android users today. Cyanogen is the online username for Steve Kondik, who has become famous in the Android community for his series of ROMs. When someone says ‘Cyanogen,’ they might be referring to either the CyanogenMod series of ROMs or to Kondik himself.

rooting-faqFastboot is very similar to Bootloader. Like Bootloader, Fastboot gives rooted Android users the ability to ‘flash’ (i.e., install) ROMs and other components into the base levels of their phone.

rooting-faqWhen learning about Android rooting, you might hear the term ‘hard reset’ get tossed around. A hard reset will restore your Android phone to its factory state, which will instantly erase all user data on the device, including login information, passwords, apps, etc. Usually, a hard reset will delete the data on a microSD card or internal storage device as well, but this doesn’t always occur.

rooting-faqEvery phone – not just Android phones – has a unique IMEI number which identified it.

rooting-faqLauncher is the name for the user interface in Android. As the name suggests, Launcher allows users to launch apps, create new contacts, make phone calls, and perform other essential tasks. Launcher is pre-installed on all Android devices, although it can download from the Google Play store.

rooting-faqWhen a program is said to be ‘open source’ it means that anybody can edit the source code of that program. In other words, the software is available to anybody who wants it. Android is open source because anybody can use it, edit it, and improve on it however they like.

rooting-faqWhen you root your Android device, you might want to install custom ROMs on your phone. These ROMs allow you to customize your phone in some different ways, and they’re new operating system features that will enable users to perform a wide variety of new tasks. ROM stands for Read Only Memory, and rooted Android users have access to plenty of custom ROMs.

rooting-faqJust like Windows has Safe Mode, Android has Recovery Mode, a particular mode that allows users to debug their system and perform other administrative tasks. Rooted Android users can access favorite recovery mode tools like Clockwork and Amon Ra.

rooting-faqRooting is the process where Android users remove restrictions to gain access to the ‘root’ of their Android systems. By default, the Android operating system is filled with such restrictions, making it difficult for Android users to maximize the potential of their phones without rooting.

rooting-faqSD cards are memory storage units that are inserted into any Android device. The SD card can be used to hold any user data, including pictures, music, movies, games, and whatever else you might want to keep on your phone.

rooting-faqA SIM card will connect your phone to your mobile network provider. GSM phones use a SIM card to communicate with cell service providers like AT&T, Telus, T-Mobile, or any other networks.

rooting-faqA soft reset is merely a normal reset of the phone. All settings are preserved, with no user data is deleted. Soft resets will automatically occur when you remove and replace the battery in your Android device.

rooting-faqAndroid users can ‘tether’ their phones to a desktop or laptop PC to share a data connection. Tethering is useful if you’re outside of internet coverage but still want to use your Android phone’s data connection to connect to the internet.

rooting-faqUSB stands for Universal Serial Bus. Today, everything from game controllers to Android cords uses USB to connect with computers. Your Android phone cable most likely has a micro USB slot at one end and a standard USB slot at the other, making it easy to sync up with any computer.

rooting-faqWidgets are small applications that display data on your Android home screen. Widgets connect to other apps on your phone. For example, your weather app might include a weather widget that can be displayed on your home screen.

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