Microsoft and Samsung Will Likely Release Google Glass Competitors

Microsoft and Samsung Will Likely Release Google Glass Competitors

It looks like Google Glass won’t be the only wearable set of superpowered eyeglasses on the market. According to recent industry rumors, Microsoft and Samsung are both interested in developing high tech specs of their own.

Apparently, Microsoft and Samsung aren’t developing glasses as just some frivolous computer accessory. Instead, the rumors suggest that Samsung and Microsoft both see wearable computers as the future of the computing industry.

Furthermore, we may not be far away from a Microsoft or Samsung set of glasses. The rumors suggest that both companies are expected to showcase a glasses-like product within as little as six months.

A cheaper price tag

But one of the most exciting parts about the Samsung and Microsoft glasses rumors is that they would be significantly cheaper than Google Glass, which currently retails for approximately $1,500 to a limited audience. Specifically, the Microsoft and Samsung devices would be expected to retail at a price between $200 to $500.

Samsung is the world leader in mobile technology, including world-class screens, processors, smartphones, and tablets. Microsoft is the world’s largest software company with extensive connections throughout the hardware industry. If both of these companies put their full weight behind a glasses-like product, then I see a lot more wearable sets of high-powered glasses in our future.

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