Mozilla Firefox Launcher featured in EverthingMe for Android

Mozilla Firefox Launcher featured in EverthingMe for Android

EverythingMe, as we all know by now, is a contextual homescreen launcher that will be available for download shortly. It is once again heading the news for its technical collaboration with Mozilla for a Firefox launcher that behaves contextually. Recent update from the company states that the development is finished and is about to enter beta phase very soon.


This Firefox launcher will perform in a contextual manner and predict the search results based on user preferences. The primary intention of Mozilla is to offer an interactive and smart app that produces the closest of suggestions as results. The Firefox launcher is no different from the context-based EverythingMe – the launcher’s search bar will show the related web results and can also dig out the relevant results from apps. It will also fetch results based on past search, apps that might have already been downloaded or web page that we are likely to visit, based on search keywords.

The Big Question

Since both the app portray similar functional traits, it difficult to determine the differential aspects between the two names. So how do you think it will benefit the integration? Mozilla is being hopeful in expecting users to use their launcher after this association due to the unique approach of EverythingMe – This Isreali startup realized that many users are not comfortable searching their phones and hence they decided to upgrade their next installment of EverythingMe with more interactive features. It is a highly contextual homescreen app that can fetch search results based on minute parameters like time, date, day etc.


Mozilla Firefox launcher will feature all the major element of the contextual homescreen app. EverythingMe Co-Founder Ami Ben David says that the association will follow a revenue sharing model. For example, if a user is driven by Firefox launcher to an ecommerce buy that leads to an earning, EverythingMe is also gets a part of it. He is also of the opinion that, since billions of users across the world acknowledge Firefox as a brand, EverythingMe will automatically promulgate through this network. In other words, this will leverage the popularity of EverythingMe.

The Firefox launcher will also have a prediction bar like EverythingMe which will suggest results based on numerous factors such as phone sensors, calendar, day, time of the day, geographic location, app preferences etc. For an instance, during afternoon hours it will recommend apps like Huftington Post News, calendar, around me app etc. Similarly, it will differ for morning hours. It brings out relevant web results by deeplinking icons so if we search Katty Perry it will show a Spotify icon which when clicked leads to her page. It also provides information through content cards.



Considering the fact that EverythingMe is new in the market, Firefox launcher will effectively bring in brand recognition for them. The optimism is apparent here. What comes next is yet unclear but the names like Mozilla and Firefox will surely garner attention and attention is what EverythingMe seeks at this juncture.

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