How to Make Android Track Every Step You Take Throughout the Day

How to Make Android Track Every Step You Take Throughout the Day

Pedometers are popular among fitness enthusiasts and curious people. Pedometers track the steps you take throughout the day and tell you how many calories were burned while taking those steps.

Today, a new Android app called Noom Walk Pedometer aims to add a new social experience to the pedometer scene. Walk isn’t the first Android pedometer on the market today, but it aims to be the first one people think about when they’re looking for fitness apps to install.

Here’s how Walk works:

-You walk around with your Android in your pocket and Walk tracks every step you take

-At the end of each day and week, you can see the number of steps your friends took via a leaderboard

-There’s also a global leaderboard which shows how many steps users of the app all over the world have taken

-Walk promises to consume less power than other pedometer apps, making it easier for users to leave it running all day

Of course, if you want to take full advantage of the app and literally track every step you take, the app has to be on you at all times. So if you’re watching TV and stand up to get a bowl of popcorn from the kitchen, you should take your phone with you if you want to maintain accurate results (and of course, beat your friends).

Walk was created by a developer called Noom. Noom is responsible for a number of other Android fitness apps, including the popular Cardio Tracker app and Weight Loss app.

You can download the Noom Walk Pedometer for free here.

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