Flipboard Finally Get Dedicated Tablet Version

Flipboard Finally Get Dedicated Tablet Version

Many Android smartphones come pre-installed with Flipboard, a popular news aggregator app that pulls stories from major new and sports agencies as well as your Facebook and Twitter pages. You flip through pages, see what you need to see, and that’s it.

But for whatever reason, Flipboard never had a dedicated tablet version. After fans began clamoring for the app on popular Android tablets like the Note 10.1, Nexus 10, or Galaxy Tab, the development team behind Flipboard finally took notice.

Changes to expect

Like all good tablet apps, there are some noticeable changes from the smartphone version, including:

-Wider page layouts

-Larger story excerpts that take full advantage of the larger tablet screen

-A greater number of stories on each page

According to CNet, Flipboard had been working closely with Samsung “for the last year” to make sure it performed intelligently on tablets.

Apparently, the major barrier stalling development for a Flipboard tablet version was the fact that the iPad is simply the most popular tablet available today. Android tablet sales figures are growing, but iOS still dominates the tablet market.

You can download the tablet version of Flipboard from the official Flipboard.com website or from the Google Play Store.

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