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How to Download the Android L Preview on the Nexus 4

At the end of June, Google released the Android L Developer Preview. The preview was only officially released on the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7. However, that didn’t stop Android fans from porting Android L to

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Nexus 5 Specs Have Leaked Ahead of October 14 Launch

The Nexus 5 will be one of Google’s largest phone releases of all time. While the Nexus 4 is an excellent phone, it faltered due to its lack of LTE support and limited availability at launch

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Why Do People Like Off-Contract Phones?

Off-contract Android phones are popular with a niche group of Android users. While most smartphone users are happy to enjoy a free phone/nearly free phone in exchange for locking into a 2 year contract, others prefer

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We Have Our First Sighting of Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie in the Wild Running on the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7

Google released Android 4.3 earlier this year. It was one of the smallest Android updates in recent years, due largely to the fact that it was the third Jelly Bean update after 4.1 and 4.2. Fortunately,

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Nexus 5 Rumor Roundup – The First Android with Key Lime Pie?

Google’s Nexus 4 was one of the best Android smartphones ever made. Unfortunately, two things prevented it from becoming more popular: its lack of LTE support and its lack of availability. People who tried to order

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Which Android Superphone Should You Buy?

There are a bunch of top-tier Android smartphones available on the market today. It seems like every review praises these smartphones without mentioning very many weaknesses. This makes choosing the perfect phone a confusing process for

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Google Blames Nexus 4 Shortage on LG

Google has a real winner on its hands with the Nexus 4. It’s arguably the world’s most cost-effective Android superphone. At an unlocked price of just $299 for the 8GB version and $349 for the 16GB

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Google sells out of 8GB Nexus 4…again

Google’s newest smartphone, the Nexus 4, is getting spectacular reviews around the world. So far, the only real complaint about the smartphone is that it’s too hard to buy. Google sold out of the Nexus 4

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Google LG Nexus 4 versus Samsung Galaxy S3

Google recently partnered with LG to release the Nexus 4, an Android smartphone that aims to impress with its large screen, slim design, and powerful processor. But how does the Nexus 4 stack up to the

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