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5 Reasons Why the iPhone Will Outsell the Galaxy S5

In response to my last article, where I demonstrated why the Galaxy S5 will dominate the iPhone 5S, I’ve decided to explain why the Galaxy S5 isn’t so great. Today, I’m explaining a few reasons why

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Multiple Reports Claim Android Will Get Fingerprint Sensors in 2014

Remember when Apple revealed the iPhone 5S’s fingerprint sensors and the Android world laughed at that pitiful “innovation”? Well, those same Android users will have to do some creative backpedaling when Android smartphones start to feature

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Yes, Samsung is Releasing a Gold Galaxy S4, Release Date is Imminent

Apple blew the world away with its recently-revealed golden iPhone 5S. Just kidding. Call it what you want to call it, but the golden iPhone 5S is outselling all other iPhone 5S colors. Over the past

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6 Reasons Why the iPhone 5S is Apple’s Worst Phone Yet

Apple is gearing up for the release of its latest high-end smartphone, the iPhone 5S. Designed to be a major improvement over the iPhone 5, the iPhone 5S is instead Apple’s worst phone yet. The iPhone

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iPhone 5C Photos Leaked

I know, I know, One Click Root is an Android blog. But smart Android users are always keeping an eye on the competition. I come to you today with the latest major iPhone rumors. Specifically, members

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3 Exciting Non-Android Smartphones to Watch in 2013

As you (hopefully) know, Android isn’t the only type of smartphone in the game today. Competitors include Windows Phone, Blackberry, and of course, the iPhone. But will any of these alternative smartphones offer a legitimate challenge

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