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Samsung Optimizes the Samsung Galaxy S4 to Perform Better in Benchmarks

Android users, we’ve been duped: it appears that Samsung is falsifying benchmark results for the Galaxy S4. According to a recent report by AnandTech, the Galaxy S4 features a BenchmarkBooster function that includes hard-coded profiles for

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CyanogenMod May Not Carry Support for Galaxy S4

CyanogenMod is the world’s most popular custom ROM for Android. Hundreds of thousands of Android users have rooted Android and installed CM onto their systems in order to make them faster and more functional than ever

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 is Twice as Powerful as the iPhone 5…Seriously

If you’ve browsed through any Android websites lately, including One Click Root, then you have undoubtedly been swamped with news about the Galaxy S4. But hey, Samsung’s newest phone is so exciting and groundbreaking that you

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Comes Pre-Loaded With SwiftKey

I love my Galaxy S3. But most people agree that the GS3’s default keyboard sucks. That’s why SwiftKey is usually the most popular paid app on the Google Play Store. For a price of $3.99 (following

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EA Optimizes 14 Mobile Games Specifically for Galaxy S4 Launch

The hype surrounding the Galaxy S4 is ramping up every day. And EA pushed that hype meter a little further to the right today by announcing that it has optimized 14 mobile games specifically for the

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