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How to root Sony Xperia Z1

Sony Xperia Z1

Four easy steps to root Sony Xperia Z1:

  1. Download One Click Root
  2. Connect your Sony Xperia Z1 to the computer using your Micro-USB/USB cord
  3. Enable USB Debugging mode for your device
  4. Run One Click Root software than click ‘Root Now’

Ready to root your Sony Xperia Z1?

The Sony Xperia Z1 is the latest high-end flagship Android smartphone that emerged as an evolutionary upgrade for its highly successful Xperia Z model rather than following up as a successor. This Android 4.2-Jellybean running device is one of the first Android phones powered by a 2.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor. It has a RAM capacity of 2 GB. The Xperia Z1 has a sleek and sturdy form factor built in line with Sony’s OmniBalance philosophy. It sports a gorgeous 5-inch TFT capacitive touchscreen display with a pixel resolution of 1080×1920.

Despite the Xperia Z1 being a high-end Android handset that’s dressed to kill and equipped to thrill, it still doesn’t offer enough to set itself apart in a highly competitive market and is only a meek upgrade of the Xperia Z model. Luckily, you can take advantage of the awesome open source nature of the Android platform and take your user experience to a whole new level by rooting your Xperia Z1.

Thanks to One Click Root, rooting your Sony Xperia Z1 smartphone is incredibly easy to carry out. This single-step “superuser-friendly” solution can be executed in a matter of seconds. One Click Root is the only rooting solution that gives a 100% safety guarantee against any kind of rooting-related malfunction.

Rooting your Sony Xperia Z1 will let you access and employ the benefits of a plethora of intelligent custom ROMs and root-only apps that will fine-tune your Android device’s performance considerably.

Once you have rooted your Sony Xperia Z1, you can use resourceful root-access apps such as SetCPU and Tasker to help boost both your smartphone’s processor speed along with its battery life. Other root-exclusive apps such as Titanium Backup, Market Enabler, ES File Explorer, WidgetLocker, etc. will help further augment your Sony Xperia Z1’s overall performance and cater better to your personal needs.

Prepare to take your Android experience to the next level by rooting your Sony Xperia Z1 with One Click Root – the easiest, quickest and safest rooting solution available for the Android platform.

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