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Samsung Galaxy Express

Ready to root your Samsung Galaxy Express? The Samsung Galaxy Express is a high-end Android smartphone that packs an interesting mix of features. It is remarkably similar to the Galaxy S III in design and almost

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Asus Padfone Infinity

Ready to root your Asus Padfone Infinity? The Asus Padfone Infinity is a high-end Android smartphone-tablet-hybrid device that continues to build on the success of Asus’s unique Padfone series. It utilizes the same form factor as

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Asus Padfone 2

Ready to root your Asus Padfone 2? The Asus Padfone 2 is a high-end Android smartphone-tablet hybrid that seeks to carve its own niche in a smartphone industry obsessed with only CPU upgrades and display screen

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Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2

Ready to root your Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 ? The Samsung Xcover 2 is a mid-to-high range Android smartphone that is a direct successor to the Xcover model. In terms of overall features and functionality, the Xcover

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ZTE Blade 3

Ready to root your ZTE Blade 3? The ZTE Blade 3 is the latest addition to the mid-range Blade series of Android smartphones manufactured by ZTE. Although this smartphone is touted as mid-range handset, it sports

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Sony Xperia Z

Ready to root your Sony Xperia Z? The Xperia Z is a high-end Android smartphone that was debuted by Sony as its first major launch in Q1 2013. The Xperia Z has received near universal critical

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Acer Liquid Gallant E350

Ready to root your Acer Liquid Gallant E350? The Acer Liquid Gallant E350 (also known as Liquid Gallant Solo) debuted as an entry-level single SIM version of Acer’s earlier Liquid Gallant Duo Android smartphone model. It includes

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Huawei U8850 Vision

Ready to root your Huawei U8850 Vision? The Huawei U8850 Vision is a low to mid-range Android that retails at an economic price and still manages to deliver the essential features of a premium smartphone. Its overall

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Huawei Ascend Y200

Ready to root your Huawei Ascend Y200? The Ascend Y200 is another entry-level addition to Huawei’s popular Ascend series of Android smartphones. It is part of Huawei’s strategy to market youth-oriented affordable smartphones with average specs but

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Acer Liquid Glow E330

Ready to root your Acer Liquid Glow E330? The Acer Liquid Glow E330 is an entry-level Android smartphone that possesses the features and specs of a competent mid-range smartphone. The Liquid Glow E330 raises the bar

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