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How to root Micromax A57 Ninja 3

Micromax A57 Ninja 3

Four easy steps to root Micromax A57 Ninja 3:

  1. Download One Click Root
  2. Connect your Micromax A57 Ninja 3 to the computer using your Micro-USB/USB cord
  3. Enable USB Debugging mode for your device
  4. Run One Click Root software than click ‘Root Now’

Ready to root your Micromax A57 Ninja 3?

Announced as part of Micromax’s Ninja lineup, the A57 Ninja 3 is an entry-level dual SIM Android smartphone. This compact super-economic device packs just the essential features of a smartphone without adding in any specs that would be really needed by budget-conscious users. It is powered by a 1 GHz Qualcomm processor with a RAM capacity of 256 MB, and runs the Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS. The Micromax A57 Ninja 3 smartphone sports a 3.5-inch HVGA display that does not offer the best visual experience but not very power consuming.

Although the Micromax A57 Ninja 3 is a satisfactory dual SIM smartphone on the lower end of the price spectrum, it is severely outdated in terms of hardware standards when positioned against competitors in the high-end smartphone market and even its own price range. It suffers in its performance because of its low RAM capacity and sluggish UI. Luckily, rooting your Micromax A57 Ninja 3 smartphone can assist in surmounting plenty of the common problems associated with this smartphone in a rather simple and economic fashion.

Thanks to One Click Root, rooting your Micromax A57 Ninja 3 smartphone is a one-step hassle-free process that will uncover a whole new realm of Android experience that allows you to freely customize and optimize your device as per your whims. One Click Root is the only rooting solution to come with a 100% safety guarantee for your Android smartphone against any kind of rooting-related problems.

You can now simply download a substitute custom firmware build for the Android ICS and Jellybean OS versions on your Micromax A57 Ninja 3 smartphone to spruce up its dull user interface. Couple this with a few vital root-exclusive apps like SetCPU, Tasker and CacheMate in order to enhance your processor pace, empty wasteful cache and maximize your device’s battery life.

Reinvent your Android experience by rooting your Micromax A57 Ninja 3 smartphone with One Click Root – the easiest, quickest and safest rooting solution available for all Android devices.

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