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Tynker Premium – For the Tech Genius Hidden in Your Child

Nobody knows a child better than the parents. Parents are the only ones who have observed their children from the child’s very first day on this earth. Parents know and understand their children better than anyone

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Cooliris – Because Our Lives are Incomplete Without Pictures

You can run but you cannot hide. You cannot hide from the truth. I know the truth and you cannot hide from me. I know it because I am your conscience. You may lie to the

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Money Tracker – No More Mysterious Credit/Debit Card Expenses

As convenient as plastic money is, sometimes we lose track of the amount we are spending and begin to splurge. In such cases, cash is always better to keep a tab on our expenditure. But with

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How to Keep your Android’s Screen On for Longer

Want to keep your Android’s screen on longer? Today, I’m going to show you how. It’s a stupidly easy tip that many users are aware of. Follow the steps listed below to easily change the length

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Time Away – To Prevent Kids From Becoming Slaves to Technology

This article is for the people who have kids, are planning to have kids or think about having kids. This is also for those people who think about the rise in the popularity of social media

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Umano – Catch Up With the Latest News Updates Without Reading Them

If you are someone who finds it hard to sit still and read, if you think that reading belongs to the stone ages, if you are a good listener or if reading becomes a bit inconvenient

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How to Run Android Apps On Your Windows PC

The Google Android platform is a developer friendly one, and that is evidently justified just by glancing at the huge number of choices users have when they access the Google Play Store. Many of these apps

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Song Kick – Your Customized Concert Hunter

Unless we are fanatics and not fans, we usually have quite a number of favorite artists. Since singing talent is on the rise, both natural talent and technologically enhanced talent (come on, we all know that

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Get Shit Done – An Unconventionally Awesome Motivational Guru

One of the most common phenomena of the human brain is beginning something with full force and having all the energy fizzled out. It happens very often. We always manage to lose all the motivation we

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Dumb Ways To Die – An App That Endorses Life

For those of us who are not aware of ‘Dumb Ways to Die’, it was a campaign started by the Australian Railways as there were a lot of deaths happening at the metros, most of them

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