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Pocket Casts – Even Podcasts Need to Be Managed

In recent years, we have witnessed podcasts becoming increasingly popular. A lot of people have been subscribing to one or more podcasts because just listening to music or to the radio is a little outdated now.

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The Best RSS Apps & Widgets For Your Android Device

The end of Google Reader was a setback no doubt but not the end of the road for aggregation of feeds. You have Digg, Feedly and various other equally efficient reading services that can do the

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easyJet – No Turbulence While Booking Flight Tickets

I know the alarm bells in your head may be ringing, “Please, not another flight booking app!”, with a name like easyJet, it sure sounds like a smooth booking experience is guaranteed. So without further ado,

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How Android Multi-Window Apps Could Work

Today, you can multitask most effectively with smart phones and tablets without worrying about your device hanging up on you. They pack sufficient processing and RAM power to enable you to do this. However, Android is

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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Android Device

You have the Android phone with you but need to optimize its performance such that you are able to get the best out of it. This can be done effectively through customization, thanks to the open

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Tasker – The Most Self-Explanatory Automation App For Your Android

Now that you already know that this article is about an app that helps your smart phone with tasks, because there could not have been a more self-explanatory name for this, I will just tell you

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Anymote – The All-In-One Remote

I know you are crazy about gadgets and you own a big screen LED television, a DVD player, a home theatre system, a Dolby 8.1 surround sound system and oh, you just bought that hot new

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Moon + Reader Pro – A Reading App with a Difference

No – the fact that I keep writing about reading apps is not because I love love love reading (so much that I ended up becoming a writer to give more reading content to the world!

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Blinkist – For Book Lovers Who Have No Time to Read

You are always on the go, you have a stack of yellowed Penguin classics that you are dying to lay your hands on but each time you attempt beginning one, you never end up reading it

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LSP Activity Book – Because NASA Needs Us As Much As We Need It

“I want to be an astronaut when I grow up”, said my child. All I could do was smile and feel proud of the fact that my child was ambitious and wanted to become an astronaut.

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