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Dumb Ways To Die – An App That Endorses Life

For those of us who are not aware of ‘Dumb Ways to Die’, it was a campaign started by the Australian Railways as there were a lot of deaths happening at the metros, most of them

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5 Essential Android Apps That Will Get You Headed in the Right Direction

There is no dearth of apps when it comes to the Google Play Store. But not many of us would know where to start and which are the ones that would serve us well. Indeed, after

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NS Wallet – Secure & Retrieve All Your Passwords and Stay Stress Free

At a time when there are dozens of passwords surrounding us along with a huge amount of confidential information at risk, it is tough for the human brain to stress about remembering all these items. At

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Keep Your Expenses Within Your Income With Vizi Budget

Each one of us has found themselves with absolutely no money at some point in our lives. As much as we wish that we could blame Mr. Murphy and his stupid laws, the fact remains the

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Swipe Lock Screen Launcher – The Ultimate App Facilitator

There are a number of apps downloaded on our smart phones to make our lives easier. However, the higher number of apps we have, the more amount of confusion is created on our phone screens. There

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Discover the Best Uses of Android Wear

You may have heard the mighty buzz building around Android Wear recently, but do you know what lies beneath the glossy hype. It is worthwhile to understand the many uses of Android Wear. Many perceive to

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Use This One Simple Trick to Noticeably Increase Android Battery Life

Sorry to lure you in with a clickbait-y headline like that, but I have to tell you about this one cool trick. I used this trick to save a surprising amount of battery life. And it’s

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How to Take Awesome Photos With Android

Every day, Android users capture over 235 million photos around the world. I just made that statistic up, but it’s probably not too far off the real total. Anyway – do you want to take better

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How to Use Android to Identify and Destroy Wi-Fi Thieves

Wi-Fi thieves are not only annoying: they’re also dangerous. A Wi-Fi thief steals your bandwidth but they may also be using your internet connection for illegal purposes. They could be using it to spread malware infections,

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6 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Android

There is no longer any doubt about the flexibility of Google’s Android as an operating system. However, for the uninitiated and even for somebody well versed with the working of a smart phone, it can be

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