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GNotes – Get All Your Notes in Sync

Since our memory has a tendency to betray us at times, a lot of us are in the habit of taking notes. We take notes so frequently that they tend to get scattered with time. From

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5 Cool Things To Do Now That You Upgraded to Android Lollipop

If you have got the Android Lollipop on your phone and once you are through exploring the visuals, there are some cool things you can now try with it on your smart phone as under: a)

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Line – Let’s Never Stay Out of Touch

Whether we meet personally or not, staying in touch with our near and dear ones is very important. And the way we can stay in touch with people far, far away has never been as easy

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Llama – Make Your Phone Semi-Sentient

I am sure that everyone who is reading this article has been a victim to their phones unexpectedly ringing during an important meeting or at the movies or during a lecture, at some place where it

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How the Material Design In Android Lollipop Will Help Decrease Fragmentation

The Android L represents one of the biggest updates ever from Google as far as OS is concerned. It is expected to provide excellent visual interface, thanks to its Material Design and intelligent use of transitions,

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Energy Flow – An App to Help Revitalize Your Mind

As our lives struggle to keep pace with technology, a lot of us become victims of acute stress because the days when people used to sit on the porch, enjoy some iced tea and a cigar,

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FX Guru – Movie FX Director

Almost all of us are sci-fi fans because of the incredible special effects and awe-inspiring concepts they introduce to us. It is the truest definition of escapism through a movie. These special effects carry us to

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13 Simple Android L Tips & Tricks to Make Your Device Shine

The Android L is an exciting OS to look forward to. If you have been reading a lot about it and wondering what to make of it, the following tips would be of great help. So

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Walk Band – Making Music Production Virtual

If you are a true musician who excels in one or more than one instrument, or if you always wanted to recreate the joys of learning to play one, then you are in for a treat.

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Nook Audiobooks – Don’t Let Your Busy Schedules Affect Your Passion For Books

I am a firm believer that nothing can replace the hard copy of a book. The smell of the pages, the fresh print, the sound it makes when you turn the page, the satisfaction you get

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