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TouristEye – For Those Struck By Wanderlust

There are so many of us who have a traveler’s soul. We want to earn money just so that we can spend it all on travel. A lot of us have even done that. We earned,

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Snapchat Introduces Snapcash, Letting Users Send Money to Each Other in Seconds

Snapchat just unveiled a feature that lets users send cash to each other with the click of a button. Yes, it’s called “Snapcash”. Snapchat announced the news via blog post and even released some bizarre, quasi-holiday

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U.S. Government Warns iPhone Users About Critical iOS Vulnerability

It seems like it was just yesterday that Apple promised users their devices were not affected by bugs, viruses, and other “PC problems”. Those days are long in the past. A recent vulnerability in iOS is

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Mobogenie Market Free – An App Guru For Your Android Device

In a world where the number of apps looks like it will soon give competition to the number of people on this planet a few years down the line, it can be rather overwhelming to figure

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Android and Windows Phone Reign Supreme At Annual Pwn2Own Event

Pwn2Own is an annual hacking conference that brings together some of the world’s best exploit-seeking brains. Every year, Pwn2Own makes headlines around the tech community. Devices that people thought were unhackable get hacked, and there’s always

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Android One Report Card – Things Not Looking Bright In India’s Smartphone market

Android One was launched with a lot of anticipation by Google in an attempt to broad base the OS among the masses in emerging markets. The idea was to provide an affordable package of handset plus

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5 Reasons Why Every Android Fanboy Will Happily Continue Riding the Bandwagon

The battle for supremacy and popularity rages on between the iOS and Android community. While it is ultimately the choice of the user as to which platform is good or suitable for him, this write up

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Gravity Screen – Smarten Up Your Smartphones A Little

Even though smart phones are, well, smart and have made our lives much easier in ways we did not realize we could be helped with, there are still some things that might be small things but

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Battery-Draining Bug Responsible For Slow Android Lollipop Rollout

The wait for the Android L update has got longer. Contrary to expectations of Nexus 4,7,5 and 10 users, the update has not arrived. The reason has been attributed to a few bugs discovered that are

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Slow and Easy Android Lollipop Rollout Begins As Anticipation Reaches Fever Pitch

The roll out of the Android Lollipop has finally begun. After a hiccup when Google wanted to resolve the battery draining issue, the process has begun in right earnest. As expected, the rollout would be implemented

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