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64-bit Smartphones Set to Become the Norm with the Launch of Android L

The thought of using the 64-bit processor for smart phones powered by the Android operating system was not so popular last year when the iPhone 5 was launched. However since then, there has been a rethink

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SuperBetter – For Times When Everything Goes Superbad

There are times when everything in life is just not right. You have a fight with your best friend, you boss is being unnecessarily mean to you, you just went through a break up, you are

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Do the iPhone 6 and Flagship Androids Pass the Infamous “Bend Test”?

One week ago, Unbox Therapy was a relatively unknown YouTube channel. This week, Unbox Therapy is making headlines around the world for his infamous “bend tests” which have been torturing all different types of iPhones and

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Easily Passes Bend Test Which Destroyed the iPhone 6 Plus

If you’re gone on any tech news sites over the past week, then you’ve probably seen the “bendgate” scandal involving the iPhone 6 Plus. For those who missed it, the iPhone 6 Plus uses a thin,

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Beamly – Because TV and Gossip Go Hand in Hand

The one thing that all of us love is watching our favorite TV show. Another thing we all love is gossiping about it, its characters and also the real life stars. Discussing about them, an in-depth

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More Android L Release Date Details Leaked: Features, Compatibility and Performance

It was unlike Google to reveal the upcoming version of Android much before its actual launch. But having revealed the Android 5 or Android L in June itself, it has only succeeded in fueling a lot

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iPhone 6 Fails Water Test, Drop Test, and Blender Test

Apple’s iPhone has never had a reputation for durability. The iPhone has always been pretty, but it’s also been fragile. That’s why iPhone case sales are a billion-dollar industry. Over the past few years, new smartphone

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BlackBerry Passport Released: Is It A Legitimate Android Competitor?

Back in the day, there were multiple phone manufacturers. They had exotic names like “Nokia”, “Blackberry”, and “RAZR”. Today, the smartphone industry is dominated by two major players: Android and the iPhone. But the third and

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Apple Users Uncover Hidden “Bend” Feature in iPhone 6 Plus

Who says innovation is dead? Just days after Apple unveiled the iPhone 6, Apple users have discovered a hidden feature on their new smartphones: it can easily bend to form a unique curved-screen design. Apple is

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Apple Fan Posts Scathing Review of iPhone 6 Plus Online

A lot of people were impressed with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. But a large chunk of Apple users were disappointed by the low resolutions, subpar battery life, and screens that are “too large

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