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5 Things Windows Phone Does Right that Android Does Wrong

For most people, switching from Windows Phone to Android is a joyous experience. There are plenty of apps to download and a diverse range of phones from which to choose. But for some people, the grass

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Amazon Fire Phone Now Available for $0 or $649

Last month, Amazon announced its first smartphone: the Fire Phone. The phone is built around Amazon’s services. If you like watching movies, reading books, and streaming TV shows from Amazon, then the Fire Phone could be

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HTC Gives Free M8 to Redditor After His Galaxy S4 Caught on Fire

Every so often, the internet hears a story about a phone catching on fire. Last month, a Redditor named TweektheGeek posted on R/Android complaining about his Galaxy S4. TweektheGeek was lying asleep in bed when he

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Samsung Z, the World’s First Tizen Smartphone, Has Been Delayed

Samsung’s Tizen has been in development for several years. Tizen is Samsung’s Linux-based operating system that could replace Android on its flagship smartphones within the next year. Before releasing Tizen on the Note and Galaxy lineup

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New Pocket Projector Lets You Turn Any Wall Into 80 Foot Android Touchscreen

Have you ever looked at a blank white wall in your home and thought about getting a projector? If so, then you’ll like this new Android-running projector from Touchjet. Touchjet first debuted its mini projector called

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LG G3 on Verizon and AT&T Has Officially Been Rooted

The LG G3 is an amazing new smartphone that recently debuted in the United States after shattering sales records in South Korea. Despite being only a few weeks old, the American versions of the LG G3

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Root-Only Android App Lets You Mirror to Chromecast from More Devices

A few days ago, Google announced that Chromecast mirroring was now available on a select number of devices. Unfortunately, there were only about a dozen devices included in that list. What about the rest of us

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How Android TV Will Change The Way You Game

Times are different now. Today you can play the same games on the console as well as on mobiles. That line of distinction which separated the two has blurred significantly. Now Google has even better plans

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Nvidia Readies New Android/PC Games Machine

Gaming is a popular activity with both adults and children. The plethora of highly interactive games that are available today in both desktop and mobile formats present a multitude of choices for the avid gamer. However,

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Android and Chromebooks: The One-Two Punch Combo for Business Users

There is no doubt that the Android platform has surged ahead in popularity and demand. The sales of smart phones being run with this platform is sufficient proof. It is significant that its market share penetration

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