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Top 5 Best Android Theft Prevention Apps

With iOS7, iPhone users received a “kill switch” that could remotely deactivate an iPhone after it’s been registered as stolen. Android users don’t have similar protection (yet). Instead, they have many anti-theft apps that help deter

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New Report Shows Google Will Spend $16 Million Advertising $100 Android One Phone in India

India and China are the two biggest smartphone markets in the world. Apple, Google, and Microsoft have all realized the massive potential in these two countries and that’s why the three tech giants are investing heavily

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Boot Animations Are The Coolest Part of Rooting Android: Here’s the Best Place to Get Them

When you root Android, you can install new boot animations. When you boot up a stock Android device, you probably see a Samsung logo, HTC logo, or some other corporate text. After rooting your device, however,

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Top 5 Galaxy S5 Tips You’re Probably Not Using

The Galaxy S5 is one of the most powerful smartphones on the market today. But the S5 has plenty of powerful features behind the scenes that many users never use. Today, I’m going to tell you

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Stop Worrying – Your Old Android Phone Isn’t Giving Away As Much Data As You Think

A few days ago, Avast released a study on how much data could be obtained from old Android phones. Avast purchased 20 Android smartphones from eBay and ran a simple, cheap data recovery tool on those

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Samsung Tweet Suggests Galaxy Note 4 Will Include a Retinal Scanner

Last year, phone manufacturers were obsessed with fingerprint scanners. This year, it’s time for retinal scanners to make their much-anticipated debut. At least, that’s what a new tweet from Samsung seems to suggest. That tweet can

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Google Launches New Android App Development Course for $150 Per Month

You can look at the website of any local college and find app development courses. However, today I’m here to tell you about a unique kind of app development course. Unlike any other app development course

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Google Play Store Finally Lets You Flag Apps as Inappropriate

Anyone can submit an app to the Google Play Store. Your app doesn’t go through an approval process before it’s available for anyone to download. And, as long as your app doesn’t explicitly violate Google’s terms

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Timberman Hits Number One Spot on Play Store and Is As Frustratingly Addictive as Flappy Bird

Remember Flappy Bird? Of course you do. Well, people are already calling Timberman the next Flappy Bird. In Timberman, players embrace their inner lumberjacks and chop down trees while avoiding falling branches. The game is animated

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“Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” Mobile App Projected to Earn $200 Million in Revenue

Say what you want about Kim Kardashian, but she knows how to take full advantage of celebrity star power. Kim K’s new mobile app is a great example of using celebrity star power to its full

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