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New Study Reveals Fastest Mobile Networks in Canada

Talk to any Canadian and they’ll tell you how awful our mobile networks are here in Canada. We pay way too much for way too little. We say things like “Telus sucks” or “Rogers screwed me

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VSCO Cam – For the Undying Love of Photographs

Do not be embarrassed because we are all on the same boat here. I completely understand the necessity of clicking selfies as soon as we wake up, then when we go to the bathroom, then when

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Reddit Rebellion Unites Android and Apple Fans to Fight Against CurrentC

The NFC system of payment was supposed to make things pretty easy for Android and Apple users. Though Google had the Google Wallet app installed in its Android phones for some time now, users did not

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Sky+ – Get Ready for a Premium Mobile TV Experience

We all love watching television. It has become the best form of relaxation after a long, hard work day. It is one of the best forms of escapism in today’s time. There is a large number

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Wal-Mart and Other Retailers Face “Steep Fines” from MCX for Accepting Apple Pay

Apple Pay and Google Wallet are currently fighting to become mainstream. While most consumers agree that the NFC tap-to-pay technologies are pretty cool, retailers aren’t jumping on board as fast as the tech world has hoped.

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CurrentC Just Got Hacked

A few weeks ago, most have us never heard about CurrentC. This week, it’s been nothing but bad news for CurrentC, as it has faced boycotts and negative publicity from all angles. Well, the negative publicity

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Microsoft Attempts to Improve Android With New ‘Garage’ Apps

Though Google has not shown keenness in developing apps for the Windows phones, Microsoft has not reciprocated in similar fashion. In fact it has decided to expand on its Garage Project by making an app available

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Android and Chrome May Come Together, But Not Anytime Soon

Google is aware that its users wish for some consistency and commonality between operating systems. The Android smart phone user may also be using the PC or laptop at home and may be principally using Google

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Android 5.0 Roll-Out Schedule Gets Unveiled

After the official unveiling of the Android L OS in the month of June, speculations about its launch, its name and the schedule of updates to the various phones started getting hotter and hotter as every

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Top 5 Best System Monitor Apps for Android

Your Android device is a miniature computer. But most people don’t treat their smartphones and tablets like they treat computers. You may have a system monitor app like CCleaner on your computer. But do you have

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