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CNet and The Verge Busted for Apple Bias: But Do They Really Hate Android?

There are no perfect review websites on the internet. Every review website is hated by somebody, somewhere. No matter how unbiased you try to be, someone will call you biased. No matter how objective you try

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Why Do Android Apps Request Access to So Much Data?

If you’ve installed any Android apps lately, then you’ve probably noticed a wave of permission requests appear on-screen. Facebook Messenger became notorious for its permission requests. It requests access to your contacts, SMS, phone, and much

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Diet Assistant Weight Loss – Get That Killer Body You Always Dreamed of Having

I am not suggesting that we should come under the pressure of sporting the socially acceptable good looks but we do need to take care of our health and fitness. And come on, let us be

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Atlas Web Browser – Stay in Control Because No ‘Smart’ Phone is Smarter than You

Internet has proven to be a boon to mankind in unimaginable and countless ways. It has saved up a lot of our money by making us in gain control of every possible situation that we are

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5 Reasons Why the iPhone 6 Is Better than Any Android

Apple is the best phone manufacturer in the world and this month, they proved their dominance once again by releasing the iPhone 6. The moment a sharply-dressed Tim Cook stepped up on stage and revealed the

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BBC CBeebies Storytime – Be An Enchanting Storyteller For Your Kids

Are you blessed with a child who has a wild imagination? Does the child love making up and more importantly, listening to new stories every day? You must have read all the fairytales to the child.

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NPR One – Making Radio Extraordinary Again

“No, this song is stupid. This one is my mother’s favorite, my sister danced at my cousin’s wedding to that one. Oh my god! I do not want to hear the football commentary; I am going

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New Android App iLock Takes a Picture of The Idiot Who Stole Your Phone

Getting your phone stolen is really bad. But tracking down the person who stole your phone and “calling the police” to hand out justice is a satisfying experience. Today, I’m going to share an app that

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Apple Paid $100 Million for U2’s Free Album and Upcoming Marketing Campaign

Last week, Apple unveiled the iPhone 6. At the end of Tim Cook’s presentation, he brought U2 on stage and announced that every iTunes user was getting a free U2 album. There are 500 million iTunes

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Google Android Lion vs Apple iOS 8: Which Upgrade is a True Upgrade?

The speculation about what the new Google Android OS is going to be called persists and the latest is that it may be called Android Lion. It is also speculated it will tie up with Nestle,

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