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Root-Only Android App Lets You Mirror to Chromecast from More Devices

A few days ago, Google announced that Chromecast mirroring was now available on a select number of devices. Unfortunately, there were only about a dozen devices included in that list. What about the rest of us

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How Android TV Will Change The Way You Game

Times are different now. Today you can play the same games on the console as well as on mobiles. That line of distinction which separated the two has blurred significantly. Now Google has even better plans

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Nvidia Readies New Android/PC Games Machine

Gaming is a popular activity with both adults and children. The plethora of highly interactive games that are available today in both desktop and mobile formats present a multitude of choices for the avid gamer. However,

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Android and Chromebooks: The One-Two Punch Combo for Business Users

There is no doubt that the Android platform has surged ahead in popularity and demand. The sales of smart phones being run with this platform is sufficient proof. It is significant that its market share penetration

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Too Many Android Wear Apps Are Missing the Point

Smart phones today have become very popular and are in demand with many new brands being launched almost every day.  It is not difficult to understand the reasons for this. When you can get a much

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5 Reasons to Consider Making the LG G3 Your Next Smartphone

The LG G3 has officially arrived in the United States after months of anticipation. The LG G3 broke sales records in Korea and toppled the long-standing Galaxy S5 at the top of the sales charts. Will

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Android L vs Android 4.4 KitKat Comparison – What’s Hot and What’s Not

Now that the announcement has been made by Google about Android L, the comparison exercises have started in right earnest. The existing Kit Kat is being compared with the new and promising Android L. After reviewing

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Top 5 Best Android Theft Prevention Apps

With iOS7, iPhone users received a “kill switch” that could remotely deactivate an iPhone after it’s been registered as stolen. Android users don’t have similar protection (yet). Instead, they have many anti-theft apps that help deter

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New Report Shows Google Will Spend $16 Million Advertising $100 Android One Phone in India

India and China are the two biggest smartphone markets in the world. Apple, Google, and Microsoft have all realized the massive potential in these two countries and that’s why the three tech giants are investing heavily

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Boot Animations Are The Coolest Part of Rooting Android: Here’s the Best Place to Get Them

When you root Android, you can install new boot animations. When you boot up a stock Android device, you probably see a Samsung logo, HTC logo, or some other corporate text. After rooting your device, however,

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